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          Continuing online operations

          Loyola is continuing online operations while we prepare for reopening safely in the fall. Coronavirus resources

          Loyola University

          Be you, like no one else

          Discover your ingenuity, and how you can improve the world around you. Take every ounce of inspiration, and create something meaningful.


          Visit Loyno Virtually

          Can’t make it to campus, but still want to see what the talk is about? Get a look at Loyola from every angle through our virtual tour.

          What's Going On?

          Entire experience. Whole person.

          However you decide to be you, you'll have the holistic support of Loyola faculty, staff, Jesuit community and fellow students.

          Loyola buildings

          A class of your own

          Success starts here, studying what matters to you.  Connect multiple areas of study to enrich whichever of our 60+ majors and minors you choose.

          All undergraduate programs

          All graduate and professional programs

          All online programs

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          College of Arts and Sciences

          Learn how to think, how to write, how to research, and how to learn.

          College of Business

          Being a leader and changing the world -that's our business.

          College of Law

          Practice your commitment to service and the pursuit of justice.

          College of Music and Media

          Perform, create, and make every work meaningful.

          College of Nursing and Health

          See what you’ll need to serve individuals and improve the field of healthcare.

          Loyola Online

          Designed with working professionals in mind.


          Giving You the Tools to Change the World

          Our Jesuit education focuses on the whole person—mind, body, and spirit—to look for deeper meaning in everything we do.

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