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          Continuing online operations

          Loyola is continuing online operations while we prepare for reopening safely in the fall. Coronavirus resources

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          Applying for financial aid

          Applying for aid is simpler than you think

          At Loyola, you have free rein to accomplish anything—and everything—that matters to you.

          And the degree to help you get there is immeasurable in value. From academic standards to real-world experience and the Jesuit tradition, this will be one of your best investments.

          While you're investing in yourself, we're here to help. We know the financial aid process can be intimidating—our counselors and staff members are standing by for any help you might need.

          Your financial aid counselor's contact information is listed here.

          Contact the office with the information below or reach out to your assigned counselor.

          Phone: 504.865.3333

          Fax: 504.865.3233

          Email us at finaid@loyno.edu

          Our mailing address is:

          Loyola University New Orleans

          Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid

          6363 St. Charles Ave.

          New Orleans, LA. 70118

          Check your eligibility


          Financial aid eligibility depends on a number of factors, from your academic accomplishments to your family's financial circumstances. If you've been admitted to Loyola, then you're already being considered for merit-based financial aid. If you're interested in scholarships, federal need-based loans, or a blend of all available types of aid, the only way to find out what your family qualifies for is to complete the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA).

          Check your eligibility

          Understand the costs

          Direct and Indirect

          There are two types of costs to keep in mind as you plan your finances, direct and indirect. Direct costs include tuition, fees, housing, and a meal plan. Additionally, you'll need to account for indirect costs such as books, transportation, and all living expenses. Our resources will help you form a clearer picture of the costs you'll need to meet through both financial aid and/or an out-of-pocket contribution.

          Understand your costs

          Submit the FAFSA

          You're set to apply!

          This step is critical but simple. You and your parents will need to gather some documents and information, and then you're all set to apply online.

          Submit the FAFSA

          Finalizing My Award

          It's easy!

          Finalizing your financial aid award is easy! Once Loyola University has received your FAFSA information, the Financial Aid Office will calculate your estimated eligibility for the financial aid programs offered at the University. We will send you a Financial Aid Award Packet to your home address as well as a digital version. Then, you will need to decide how you would like to move forward with your financial award. 

          Learn more information

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          Learn about other types of aid

          There are specific aid programs that will make the most sense for you and your family, depending on a variety of factors and personal circumstances. These include grants and scholarships, student loans, and student work opportunities. Explore these options, and connect with your financial aid counselor to receive any assistance you might need.


          Find grants

          Find scholarships

          Find student loans

          Find student work opportunities

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          Resources to keep you going

          You're a few steps closer to joining the Wolf Pack. We're here to help you along the rest of the way with the following resources.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Have questions about deadlines, tax forms, or about submitting the FAFSA? Explore our FAQs to find answers to some common questions.

          Net Price Calculator

          Our net price calculator can provide you and your family with a helpful approximation of what you might receive in aid—and thus what you can expect to pay for your first year.

          Forms and Worksheets

          There are a variety of forms needed for FAFSA verification, and accepting and verifying your financial aid. They're all housed in one place for your easy access.

          Finalize your award

          Once we have received your FAFSA information, we will calculate your estimated eligibility for aid programs and will send a Financial Aid Award packet to your home. This packet tells you what you qualify for and how much you were offered.

          Meet remaining costs

          Get tips on how you can cover the cost of tuition at Loyola.

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